Cable-End Encapsulation

COLTCAST HEAVY DUTY and COLTCAST FLEX are specialized, low-viscosity polyurethane resins for use in cable-end connectors and cable-end connection boxes, protecting from any factor that can jeopardize their function and performance (such as humidity, water, dust, corrosive environments, mechanical/chemical/thermal/physical shock, etc.) and providing impact, chemical and temperature resistance with minimum shrinkage for electrical connections up to 1KV, prolonging their service life.

COLTCAST series is provided in handy, easy-to-use, dual chamber pouches, designed to offer effective and problem-free on-site application, without the need to use a scale or any other specialized application equipment.

This series includes the following products:

Coltcast Flex

Two component, solvent free, highly elastic, re-enterable polyurethane electro-insulating resin.
USES: Suitable for a wide range of applications such as watertight potting, filling, circuit boards, sensors, cable couplers, etc.

Coltcast Heavy Duty

Two component, solvent free, low viscosity, temperature resistant, rigid, polyurethane electro-insulating resin.
USES: Suitable for production of low/medium voltage capacitors & transformers, for covering of electronic circuits for copyright protection and for multi-purpose potting applications.

With a strong emphasis on research and development, we are constantly developing new and environmentally friendly solutions for all our customers. If you require a more specialized product not in our product line at the moment, please let us know and we will develop it for you.