Application Videos

COLTECH R3510. Transparent Polyurethane Insulating Resin used for led lighting

COLTECH R3901. Insulating Resin / Varnish, dip procedure

COLTECH R3510. Tranparent Polyurethane Insulating Resin

COLTECH R300. Rigid, Polyurethane Electro-Insulating Resin, two component, solvent free.

COLTECH Ε4030. Polyurethane Elastomer Resin

COLTECH 2205. Polyurethane semi-rigid coating for expanded polystyrene sculpting.

Coltech Electro Insulating Resins

COLTECH E4030®. Polyurethane Elastomer Resin

Coltech E4080. Polyurethane Elastomer Resin

COLTECH A100. Single component polyurethane adhesive.

COLTECH A131/135. Rubber Granulate Polyurethane Binder/Adhesive

COLTECH A190. Artificial Grass Polyurethane Adhesive

COLTECH A173. Hard Elastic Polyurethane Adhesive, Semi-Thixotropic

COLTECH Α120. Adhesive for Foam Plastics

Instructions of use of dual pouch.

Coltech A120 Adhesive for Rebond Manufacturing

Coltech C2600. Liquid Glass

Coltech C2205 Coating.